Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spotted Munia Flock

by : K. Hevarina/2010

The sunset time, every single bird with their flock or just by its self are moving back to their "home". Months ago, i watched them in front of a Department store parking area. at that time, they had been perching in a palm tree .

A few days ago, i watched them in my neighbour's mango tree, a big and shade one.
I heard some noisy birdling and i guest it was come from Estriltidae (Family). Yes, i was right, that they are.

A huge flock i though, it might be hundreds bird flight aim to the vegetation. It doesn't clearly what the species is. But one of them i knew is Lonchura punctulata or spotted munia (Indonesia=Bondol peking). It doesn't need a long time till they felt pleasant at their bed and simply quite.

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