Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flood Disaster

When we flashback to the year 2008, in early January, a natural disaster was happened in many areas around Bengawan Solo river, especially in east java. Tuban, was one of the victim of flood disaster. At the moment, the leeves were collapse and water from the longest river in java, flew and fill the nearby settlement. The water rise up about 30cm and in some areas was about 1m or might be more. Some people rescued into the safety area and also their livestock, like goats and cows. And some others keep stayed in their home. The dried road, green paddy fields had change becoming a wide pool. There was only water existed. But, it was happened. Hopefully that painful experience wouldn't come again. The governmen had been done to finish their project to build a levee that sturdy enough to prevent the flowing of water.

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