Saturday, December 4, 2010

Birds in Color

by : K.Hevarina/2010

well, what do you think about the picture above?
or you have done to identified what the species is?

let me help you, if you answer it is the Estrildidae family, you doing closer. Then if the final answer is Lonchura genus, you are right. Here they are, trapped in the mobile cage. So, the next question, what are they for inside?

Lonchura genus, such as Lonchura leucogastroides (javan munia; Indonesia : Bondol jawa), Lonchura punctulata (spotted munia; Indonesia : Bondol peking), and Lonchura maja (White-headed munia; Indonesia: Bondol haji) are the paddy feeder, and being the enemy for farmers. People thought, it is legal to caught those birds uncounted.

In other area, this kind of bird are being the food that served in dining and even in a restaurant. Other people sell the birds as a pet. To make the consumers more interested, especially the children as the main selling target, they paint the bird's body into red, yellow, orange, or green. Then, they sell it around the town. And to facilitate the buyers they also sell the cage in a packet.

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